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Dr. Heidi Jarvis DNM

PhD in Natural Medicine, Naturopathy Diploma,

MH, MIr, CA (Clinical Aromatherapist), Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and instructor for the international “School of Natural Medicine” is dedicated to helping people when nothing else works, or when they just want to get healthy. I have lived this myself for over 20 years and worked in a health food store for over 10 years, helping many individuals live the life of health.


Body Window’s

 helps you look inside yourself to

find the lifestyle you should be living by the means of  Iridology. 

Iridology can show individuals their strengths and weakness’ which allows me to educate individuals on healthy habits with the use of herbs, vitamins, proper food nutrition, emotional, physical, and mental treatments.

Thus giving you a happier, healthier life.


What we offer