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About Me

My Journey

         I enrolled in the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO in 1998 with Farida Sharan as my mentor to become a Master Herbalist. I also Started working at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers which led up to ten and a half years of employment and started my business Earth Pharmaceuticals Organic Farm.  In 1999, I became a Reiki Master/Teacher.  I dove into my herbal studies, finding myself craving more and more and decided to go forward to be a Master Iridologist and Naturopath.  Part of the students training is to experience the program of healing yourself emotionally, physically and mentally to be able to be clear and in tune with your conscience and to relate to what your patients will experience. In 2000, I went to India for 5 weeks and spent 17 days at INYS- Institute of Naturopathic and Yogic Sciences to experience this type of training which consisted of going through the natural healing treatments myself. 

In 2002, I became the instructor for the Master Herbalist course for the School of Natural Medicine.

 In 2005, I received my Clinical Aromatherapist certificate from Raphael d’Angelo MD, and in 2008 I graduated as a Master Iridologist and Naturopath.  I started my practice Body Windows and broadened my knowledge by receiving my Flower Essence Practitioner certificate in 2009.

Then as the requirements to be a Naturopath are forever changing I wanted to make sure I could still perform what am passionate about, I decided to seek another school that will allow me to keep doing just that, so I enrolled in the Quantum University, Honolulu, HI in 2013 to receive my PhD as a Quantum Doctor which I achieved in October 2017.

 I am a mother of an amazing daughter that wants to be a scientist/healer, and helps remind me, to not be too serious in life.  I run my Organic Farm business Earth Pharmaceuticals LLC, my natural body care products business Natur LLC, and my holistic practice Body Windows while apprenticing from my mentor Raphael d’Angelo MD as a lab technician on parasites.

Throughout my journey I have met many individuals with autoimmune diseases like my mother, who suffer from this greatly.  I have been blessed to gain so much knowledge about the body and its systems and how iridology is a window to know which systems are compromised and how to approach them with Quantum healing. This has prompted me to help individuals with their health and specialize in autoimmune diseases and pain management. I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Heidi Jarvis

PhD Natural Medicine, DNM, DHS, Naturopathy Diploma, MIr, MH, CA, Reiki M/T, FES

  • AAMA- American Alternative Medical Association Board Certification

  • BNMDP/NMCC- Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners/ Natural Medicine Certification Council

  • DNM- Doctor of Natural Medicine PhD 

  • DHS- Doctor of Humanitarian Services

  • Naturopathy Diploma

  • MIr-Master Iridologist

  • MH- Master Herbalist

  • CA- Clinical Aromatherapist

  • Reiki Master /Teacher

  • FES- Flower Essence Practioner

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